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Sabrina Stierwalt

Assistant Professor, Physics, Occidental College

Research Focus
About Sabrina

I am an observational astrophysicist who researches the internal and environmental processes driving star formation in nearby galaxies. I use multi-wavelength observations from the X-ray to the radio to understand how gas is converted into stars, particularly in the low metallicity environments of dwarf galaxies. I lead the NSF-funded program TiNy Titans, the first systematic study of the gas dynamics and star formation in interacting dwarf galaxies. I serve on the board of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, an education nonprofit. I work to make science and the stars more accessible through a program to bring an inflatable planetarium to communities that have been historically excluded in STEM. I currently explore the universe as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Occidental College in the heart of Los Angeles.


2023 - AAS Plenary Talk

2021 - Periclean Faculty Leaders Fellow

2018 - Changing the Face of STEM (L'Oreal)

2016 - L'Oreal International Rising Talent

2015 - L'Oreal For Women in Science Fellow


Star Formation Group, University of Virginia, 08/2012 - 12/2016

NASA/IPAC, California Institute of Technology, 08/2009 - 07/2012


Astronomy/Astrophysics, Cornell University, 01/2010


Astronomy/Astrophysics, Cornell University, 05/2005


Physics/Astronomy, University of California, Berkeley, 05/2003

Interested in
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking
  • Science Outreach
  • Consulting
  • DEI/STEM Community Engagement
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