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Samantha Trumbo

Postdoc, Cornell University

Research Focus
About Samantha

I am a 51 Pegasi b postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University. My work focuses on building a deeper understanding of the dynamic and diverse moons within of our solar system by characterizing the chemical and physical processes underlying their unique environments. I am particularly interested in the characterization of “ocean worlds”—satellites that harbor global, subsurface oceans of liquid water and that present some of the most exciting targets for exploring the potential for habitability elsewhere in the Solar System. I use an assortment of ground- and space-based telescopes in combination with various modeling techniques in order to investigate how the surfaces of such worlds can inform their geochemical nature, evolution, diversity, and, ultimately, their habitability.


Heising-Simons Foundation 51 Pegasi b Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy

NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship

Outstanding Student Paper Award – AGU Fall Meeting


Cornell University, 07/2021


Planetary Science, California Institute of Technology, 2021


Oceanography, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, 2015


Astronomy, Biology, Cornell University, 2013

Interested in
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  • Science Outreach
  • DEI/STEM Community Engagement
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