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A directory of women and gender minority scientists who are transforming the fields of physics and astronomy

Why 1400 Degrees?

Let’s talk about gender diversity in physics and astronomy.

While the last decade has seen improvement, a significant gender gap still exists.


U.S. doctoral degrees were awarded in physics in 2017...

But only


were awarded to women.

Women are also underrepresented in academia after graduation...

In 2018, only


of astronomy department faculty were women.

In physics departments it was


Given the current hiring rate in astrophysics...

It would take

131 years

to close the gender gap.

These statistics are grim.

We can do better.

Together, we’re heating up the temperature of change.

By confronting gender bias and taking concrete actions to solve it, we can make physics and astronomy more welcoming, more creative, and more impactful than ever.

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