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Kristin Block

, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona

Research Focus
About Kristin

I work for the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Lab as a specialist in spacecraft operations, connecting science, engineering, and implementation. I currently serve as Systems/Principal Science Operations Engineer for HiRISE, the high-resolution imaging payload onboard NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, planning the complex and off-nominal imaging sequences, like HiRISE’s imaging of Perseverance’s descent to the surface. It’s challenging and rewarding!

I’m trained in NASA Planetary Protection policies, hold Bachelor’s degrees in music and physics, and a Master’s degree in planetary science. I’m interested in science-driven spacecraft operations and ethical approaches to space exploration.

My pronouns are she/her, and I preferred to be called Kristin or Ms. Block.


2019 - NASA Group Achievement Award: InSight EDL Communications

2015 - NASA Group Achievement Award: Comet Siding Spring Observation Campaign

2014 - NASA Group Achievement Award: MSL Relay Operations

2011 - NASA Group Achievement Award: HiRISE Science Team


Planetary Science, University of Arizona


Physics, Florida Atlantic University

Music, University of Miami

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