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Natalie Hinkel

, Physics & Astronomy, Louisiana State University and A&M College

Research Focus
About Natalie

• Stellar abundance analysis for nearby main-sequence stars, including investigation of measurement techniques and methodologies.
• Study of the chemical interplay between exoplanets and their host stars
• Architect and maintainer of the Hypatia Catalog Database:
• Computational astrophysics and machine learning algorithms, specifically using Python
• Transit ephemeris refinement of known exoplanets
• Science communicator via online videos, interviews, and articles (+150,000 views), YouTube Channel.
Hobbies include weight lifting, hiking, and traveling.


2018 - Postdoc of the Year at Vanderbilt University

2016 - School of Earth and Space Exploration’s Most Valuable Postdoc Award


Vanderbilt University, 08/2016 - 08/2018

Arizona State University, 02/2015 - 08/2016

San Francisco State University, 08/2013 - 02/2015

California Institute of Technology, 08/2012 - 08/2013


Astrophysics, Arizona State University, 05/2012


Physics, Oberlin College, 05/2005

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