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Simonetta Liuti

, Physics, University of Virginia

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My research involves theoretical studies of the quark and gluon internal dynamics of the proton. Although the fundamental interactions of quarks and gluons are governed by the beautifully concise Lagrangian of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), many open questions remain: how are the proton mass, spin and mechanical properties emerging from its quark and gluon constituents? The observables that will allow us to obtain this information are the proton phase-space distributions, or Wigner distributions at the femtoscale. Accessing this new type of knowledge will have far reaching consequences and it could even impact our understanding of the interior of neutron stars. I am passionate about physics, I am a workaholic according to my three grown kids, and I love being that way. I also love so many other things: life is too short, and the list is too long…


Francis G. Slack SouthEastern APS prize


01/1990 - 01/1991


Physics, 08/1989


Physics, Università degli Studi di Perugia, 07/1984

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