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Photo Credits


Brittney Miles (HSF Summit)
Caitlin Casey (Caitlin Casey)
Cindy Regal (Steven Burrows)
Debra Fischer (Debra Fischer)
Eileen Gonzales (HSF 51 Pegasi b Fellows)
Fiona Harrison (Wikimedia Commons)
Juliette Becker (HSF)
Jackie Faherty (Jackie Faherty)
Kersten Perez (Kersten Perez)
Mansi Kasliwal (Caltech)
Reina Maruyama (Laurel Norris)


Brittney Miles (HSF Summit)
Clara Sousa-Silva (Melanie Gonick)
Nadya Mason (L. Brian Stauffer, University of Illinois)


Serena Ely (Joe Del Nero)
Kersten Perez (Kersten Perez)

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Xinting Yu (HSF 51 Pegasi b Fellows)
Shelley Wright


William J. Clinton Presidential Library (source)

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